Terms Of Use

You agree with Arieous Invest and its subsidiaries and associated businesses (“Arieous Invest,” “we,” or “us”) to utilize the platform of online services and websites (the “Platform”) supplied by Arieous Invest and its subsidiaries and affiliated businesses.


If you are under the age of 13 or if your age is between 13 to 16 and reside in a jurisdiction that requires parental consent for us to handle your personal information, then you may not use the Platform. Minimum age may be required to access specific areas, and we retain the right to implement such a policy at any time and our sole discretion.

Users under 18 (or of legal majority age in their country of residence) are not permitted to use our Platform without the consent of a legal guardian or parents who accept these Terms on the minor’s behalf. If you are the guardian or parent of a user under 18 (or of legal majority age where you reside). In that case, you accept full responsibility for such user’s actions and omissions, including any violation of these Terms, and for evaluating whether the Platform is appropriate for such use.


When you create an account on our Platform, you must give accurate and complete information. It is your responsibility to keep your account secure (by, for example, checking out at the end of each session) and to let us know immediately if you find or think that an unauthorized third party has obtained your account’s credentials or your login details. By granting access to your account to others, you accept responsibility for their actions. For whatever reason, we retain the right to reclaim usernames, including on behalf of corporations or people with trademark rights or other legal claims in those identities.

ArieousInvest reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate your account or use of or access to the Platform at any time and for any reason, at its sole discretion and without responsibility to you or any third party (or any portion thereof).


You can purchase a monthly or one-time 7-day access subscription for the Bull Rush Option stock group.In addition to a one-time payment for the courses or our digital products. Buying and renewing memberships on ArieousInvest websites may be subject to additional or different terms and conditions.

Pricing. Our Bull Rush Option stock group will be subject to monthly and/or a one-time 7-day access payments according to the type of subscription, and our online courses and digital product shall be subject to a one-time fee. Our subscription prices are subject to change at any moment. Still, any orders you have previously placed will be honored at the original price, except for automatically renewing subscriptions, for which the new price will take effect at the time specified in the renewal email we send you.

Taxes. Your use of our Platform is subject to any sales, service, duty, customs, and other governmental taxes, levies, or fees (“Taxes”) that any jurisdiction in your transaction may impose. Except in cases where we explicitly declare that a price includes Taxes, we will provide an estimate of the Taxes we collect at the checkout. Customers in the United States may see a change to the actual Taxes from what is displayed during checkout. That might be due to several things, including processor program differences or fluctuating tax rates. You may be responsible for filing and remitting if we do not collect applicable taxes.

Payment Method. You may only purchase on the Site using one of the payment methods we offer. You guarantee that you have the legal right to make the selected payment. By submitting your credit card details, you permit us to charge you for the total amount of your order (including any applicable taxes and any shipping and handling charges). You are still liable for any sums that aren’t collected if payment isn’t processed correctly.

Auto-Renewal Terms. To automatically renew your subscription/membership to the Platform (including Partner Content), you must purchase a subscription from us. If you choose auto-renewal, your membership will continue to renew for additional subscription periods of the same duration until you cancel it or we terminate it. The Platform provides up-front information about the subscription’s time and price (both during and after any introductory period). At the end of your current membership month, we will immediately begin charging your chosen payment method. Until the conclusion of your membership month, you will retain access to ArieousInvest even after canceling your subscription by emailing us at Support@arieousinvest.comor directly canceling through the site.


All text, images, artwork, graphics, photographs, audio, videos, illustrations, themes, stories, objects, concepts, and other content found on the Platform are the property of ArieousInvest or our licensors and are protected by both United States and foreign laws. This includes both Partner Content and Submitted Content. Our company and its licensors reserve all the rights in and to the Platform not expressly granted in these Terms


You may not use, copy, or replicate the ArieousInvest name, logos, product or service names, or slogans in any way without our express consent. Other product names, business names, and logos displayed anywhere on the Platform may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners and should be treated as such. We do not sponsor, promote, or advocate any specific services, processes, products, or other information by trade name, trademark, supplier, manufacturer, or otherwise.


We have implemented a policy of suspending, in appropriate cases, the accounts of users who frequently infringe on the intellectual rights of others, as is required by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other relevant laws. You may contact ArieousInvest’s designated agent in the following ways if you feel that any content on our Platform violates any copyright that you own or control:Send email to in great detail.


Content or information from or about third-party websites, goods, services, activities, or events (collectively, “Third-Party Content”) may also be included in or linked to from the Platform, in addition to Partner Content and Submitted Content. Please get in touch with them directly if you see inappropriate material on a third-party site. Your usage or contact with any Third-Party Content and any interactions you may have with the producers of such content are exclusively between you and such third party. You acknowledge that your use of any Third-Party Content is at your own risk, as ArieousInvest does not have any control over or endorsement of such Third-Party Content and makes no claims or guarantees regarding such Third-Party Content.


At any time and without prior notice, we may make adjustments to or cease the operation of the entire Platform or any part thereof. Of course, you may always opt-out of using our Service if you change your mind. If you are unable to access or use our Platform at any time, we will not be held liable for any damages or losses that may result.

You acknowledge that Arieous Invest relies on third-party services and platforms to run its business.


You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold ArieousInvest and our respective officers, directors, agents, Partners, and employees innocuous from and against any damages, liabilities, losses, claims, demands, expenses, and costs (“Claims”) resulting out of or in connection with:

  • Use of or access to the Platform.
  • Your Author Content, User Content, or Feedback.
  • Violation of mentioned Terms, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

You will notify Arieous Invest immediately of any third-party claims, will work with the appropriate Arieous Invest Parties to fight against such claims, and will be responsible for any fees, charges, and expenses (including lawyers’ fees) incurred in connection with defending against such claims. You further acknowledge that the Arieous Parties, at their sole discretion, shall be in charge of defending or settling any third-party Claims. This indemnification does not replace any other indemnities you may have against Arieous or the other Arieous Parties under any additional agreement.


Following the maximum extent permissible by law:

Neither ArieousInvest nor any other ArieousInvest Party shall have any liability to you according to any theory of liability (either in contract, tort, carelessness, strict liability, warranty, or otherwise) for any indirect, impactful, incidental, or special damages or lost profits, even if ArieousInvest or the other ArieousInvest Parties were informed of the likelihood of such injuries. However, because the limitation or exclusion of consequential or incidental damages is prohibited by law in certain areas, the above provisions may not apply to you.

No matter the form of action, ArieousInvest and the other ArieousInvest Parties’ total liability to you for any claim that results from or is related to these Terms or our Platform is limited to the higher of $100 or the price you paid to use our Platform in the six months before the claim.


You now release ArieousInvest from all claims, demands, and damages (actual and substantial) of any kind or essence, known or unknown (which include claims based on negligence), arising out of or in any way connected with disputes among users and the acts or omissions of third parties, to the fullest extent permitted by law.


If you do not opt-out of arbitration following the procedures outlined below, you will be required to arbitrate certain disputes and claims with Arieous Invest and will be limited in how you can seek redress from us. Under this arbitration rule, neither class nor representative actions nor arbitrations are permitted. When disputes are resolved through arbitration, neither you nor the defendant has the right to a jury trial or to go to court.

No Representative Actions. ArieousInvest and You agree that any disagreement between you and us resulting from or in connection with Terms or our Platform shall be handled exclusively via individual action and will not be presented as a class arbitration, class action, or other types of representative proceeding.

Arbitration of Disputes. To the maximum extent permissible by applicable law, you and ArieousInvest forgo your jury trial rights and have any other issue resulting from or connected to this Agreement or the termination, breach, enforcement, interpretation, or validity thereof decided by a judge instead of a judge and jury. The above does not apply to disputes in which you or ArieousInvest wants to pursue an individual action in small claims court based in the county of your billing address or in which you or ArieousInvest seeks injunctive, or You agree to initially contact ArieousInvest and seek to resolve the claim by delivering a written notice of your claim (“Notice”) to ArieousInvest by email at or via certified mail addressed to 7771 W Oakland Park Blvd Suite 155, Sunrise, FL 33351. The Notice must (a) identify you and provide your residential address, email address, and contact number; (b) explain the context of the dispute and the remedies you are seeking; and (c) specify the relief you are requesting. Our communication with you will take a form similar to that outlined above. If you and ArieousInvest can’t settle your dispute within thirty (30) days after receiving the Notice, either of you can request that the dispute be resolved via binding arbitration. A single arbitrator will hear and decide all Claims in private arbitration. If you are a consumer, you may choose to have the arbitration in the county where you live; the arbitration will take place in Florida City, Florida County, Florida.

To the utmost extent permissible under applicable law, you and Arieous Invest acknowledge that these Terms influence interstate commerce and agree that the enforcement of this Section 16 shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 USC 1, et seq. (the “FAA”). Subject to the limitations imposed by the FAA and these Terms, the arbitrator will have the exclusive authority to resolve all issues related to the conduct of any arbitration and the substance of any Dispute, including the power to grant any remedy that would otherwise be available in court, including the authority to decide whether or not the dispute is arbitrable. The arbitrator may only hear individual claims and may not otherwise act as a judge or jury, consolidate the claims of more than one person, or preside over any class or representative procedure.

Nonprivileged information relevant to the dispute may be discovered or exchanged in the arbitration. The umpire, Arieous Invest, and you shall keep private all information obtained, compiled, or submitted for the arbitration or connected to the dispute (s) therein. Unless the law expressly prohibits so, the arbitrator will have the discretion to provide decisions necessary to protect the privacy of the parties involved. If disclosure is needed in connection with an application to a court for a preliminary remedy, in connection with a judicial challenge to its enforcement or an arbitration award, or if the disclosure is else required by law or judicial decision, the obligation of secrecy will not apply.

You and ArieousInvest agree that:


  1. Any Dispute must be brought within one year after the related claim arose; else, the dispute is permanently barred.
  2. Within 30 days of the date you initially accepted the provisions of this Section, you have the right to opt-out of binding arbitration by sending an email to The Notice of your decision to decline to participate in binding arbitration must contain your complete name and mailing address to be valid.


Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms or your use of the Platform shall be governed by, construed, and enforced by the laws of the State of Florida, except to the extent such laws are preempted by federal law, without giving effect to any conflict of law rules or principles (whether of the State of Florida or any other jurisdiction) that would cause the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction. Should a disagreement arise between the parties that cannot be resolved through arbitration or in small claims court, it will be addressed in the state or federal courts in Florida County, Florida.


On occasion, we may update these terms. You may be notified of any significant changes by email, a notice on the Platform, or an updated effective date at the top of these Terms. By continuing to use our Platform following such notification, you are confirming your acceptance of the modified Terms unless we specify otherwise in the notice. Please discontinue using our Platform immediately if you do not agree to the updated Terms. You understand and agree that any modifications to these Terms that do not materially alter the arbitration provision in Section 16 will not give youthe right to reject arbitration.


All past agreements, representations, statements, and understandings between the parties concerning the subject matter are therefore superseded and replaced by these Terms.

Any delay or omission on the part of ArieousInvest to execute or enforce any right or term of these Terms will not be considered a waiver of such right or provision.

The legitimacy and validity of the other sections of these Terms shall not be affected by the unlawfulness, voidness, or unenforceability of any term or portion thereof.

These Terms’ section headings are for brevity and have no substantive or legal significance. In any context, “including“means “including without limitation.”

These Terms are for the benefit of the parties hereto and are not intended to, and do not, provide any rights to any other person or entity as a result of or in connection with these Terms, except as expressly specified herein.

Without limiting the generality of any other term of this Agreement, ArieousInvest shall not be liable for any delay or failure of the Platform caused by any event or condition beyond its reasonable control.

If we need to contact you or conduct business with you, we can do so electronically, and you consent to this.

If we need to contact you or conduct business with you, we can do so electronically, and you consent to this.


For customer service related to your Service Subscription (including information regarding registration, billing and cancellation), please

For technical and product support related to your Service subscription, please email us at