Privacy Policy

Your privacy is vital to Arieous Invest and its subsidiaries (“Arieous Invest”). This General Privacy Statementwill explain what personal information we collect, how we use it, whom we share it with, how we protect it, and what rights we have regarding it.

Users and customers of Arieous Invest (or “you”) who use, order, register, or engage with any product or service from any Arieous Invest business are subject to this Privacy Statement if they live in a country where Arieous Invest does not publish a jurisdiction-specific statement. People who have purchased a product or service, subscribed to a service, visited a website, or attended an event are considered customers.

Arieous Invest provides several products and services to customers worldwide, and your data may be used in various ways. The privacy practices of individual Arieous Invest products may be detailed in separate policies. In the following sections, you’ll discover further information on the wares offered by our affiliate companies.

How we collect your information

You may provide us with or allow us to obtain information about you from third parties, both of which Arieous Invest uses. In particular, we get data from you when:

You use, purchase, or acquire our services as a customer, user, or subscriber

You interact with us when you contact us, participate in an event, or ask for assistance.

You utilize our services and visit our websites. 

Third parties from whom we may obtain information about you include:

Partners and subcontractors who aid us in meeting your needs for our goods and services. With your permission, we can get information about you from sources like your bank and other financial organizations.

Third parties are the sources of helping you make use of our offerings for your company, group, or publicly available resources.

When your financial adviser uses our goods or services, they may provide us with personal information about you.


Personal information we may collect

Your interactions with us will determine what categories of personal data we gather, but they may include the following.

Account details, including subscription and use details: Your preferences, browsing history, and helpful information related to the goods or services you subscribe to and how you use them.

Data relating to your accounts, investments, and related transactions.

Demographic information includes age, gender, geographic area, and preferred language.

Include your full name, email address, mailing address, and phone number.

Information about your device and connection to the internet, such as its Internet Protocol (IP) address, location, and internet service provider.

User Content: Any files or other information you upload to our goods or services.

Your account credentials consist of your username, password, and any additional security-related information you may have been asked to provide while logging in.

Your payment data include your bank account number, credit card number, and other payment-related information.

How we use personal information


Your relationship with Arieous Invest and the products or services you use will determine how your data is used. Within the bounds of the law, with your permission, and for the following reasons, we may use your personal information:

Please comply with our third-party audit and compliance obligations.

Develop, refine, test, and improve the features and benefits of our goods and services via research.

Comply with regulatory bodies, law enforcement, and other public and government authorities’ requests

Customer assistance and also technical and product support are provided.

Make anonymized, aggregated data for research and product development. We may publish or otherwise make available the findings of this research in our goods and services.

Participate in any company merger, acquisition, or other transaction.

Provide marketing or targeted third-party adverts to you.

Safeguard your or third parties’ networks, systems, property, or physical safety.

Provide products and services such as verifying your identification, personalizing the material you receive, creating and managing your account, and sending crucial account and product update information.

Provide requested material or content offerings from third companies.

Pursue the full extent of our legal rights, including the right to enforce our contracts, terms, and conditions; defend ourselves against claims; and abide by all applicable laws and regulations, whether they relate to third parties or us.

Links to other websites

Arieous Invest may, sometime, provide an external link(s) to third-party websites as a feature of our products and services. This Privacy Statement does not cover those websites. Before disclosing personal information to any third-party website, we recommend reading that site’s privacy policy.

How we protect, store, and transfer your personal information

All of your data is protected by ArieousInvest’s stringent security measures. We have established appropriate technological, physical, and administrative safeguards to prevent data loss, misuse, or unauthorized access. The steps we take are commensurate with the sensitivity, volume, and intended use of the data we gather.

We only allow authorized personnel access to your information and regularly evaluate and update our security and privacy rules.

Everything from headquarters to factories to employees to suppliers for Arieous Invest businesses may be found in different parts of the globe. We may collect, use, and transmit information about you to and from servers, cloud storage providers, and other third parties in various countries. When we send personal data internationally, we ensure that it is adequately protected in the jurisdictions where it is processed or stored.

We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any further inquiries regarding the security of yourdata.

Individual data access requests

In certain countries, citizens have the legal right to see their data, have it amended, prevent it from being sold, or have it deleted entirely. These privileges are not universally applicable and have some exceptions.

If necessary, submit a request to access your personal information here to exercise your rights. When you make a request, we’ll need to confirm your identity with some additional questions and could ask for further details to best satisfy your inquiry.

Even if you ask us to delete your information and we comply with your request, we may keep certain information as required by law or to satisfy audit, security, or compliance needs.

Customer requests to review, modify, or remove their data will not be met with retaliation. However, we may need to collect information that identifies you to use certain of our offerings. You might be unable to utilize the service/product in question if you do not submit the requested information.

Cookies and similar technologies

Cookies and other related technologies let us identify who you are once logged in, allowing us to provide a more streamlined and individualized experience across all of our offerings. Please refer to our Cookie Policy if you have more questions about our cookie usage.

About children’s privacy

Arieous Invest does not separately identify or collect any information specific to children.

How we revise this statement

There may come a time when we need to revise this statement to reflect the new circumstances of our company. If we decide to alter our Privacy Statement in the future, we will indicate the latest revision date at the top of this page. To the extent that the law requires us to do so, we will contact you directly if we make any significant changes to this disclosure.

For Customers in California

If you are a California resident, we have a legal obligation to provide you with more details about how we use and disclose your information, and you may also have more rights in this regard. This data is specific to California and has been presented here.

Details About Individuals in CA. 

We gather the types and amounts of information about persons designated as “Personal Information” by California law following the description provided above in the “Information We Collect” section (“CA Personal Information”). We may collect the following varieties of CA PI:

Identifiers: Information collected may include but is not limited to, a person’s name, email address, social media handles, phone numbers, mailing addresses, business contact information, tax or national identification number, date of birth, username and password, passport or government- issued identification information (such as for security purposes when visiting our facilities), and identifiers assigned by Nasdaq systems or systems of other self-regulatory organizations.

Commercial or trading-related information: products or services purchased, obtained, or                          considered; financial holdings information; payment information (such as bank account or credit card number); transaction history; other purchasing or consuming histories or inclinations; in addition to everything involving the financial markets;

Internet or other electronic network activity information: Information about the user’s computer and network, data on the pages viewed, the number of visitors to the site, user-provided information about their devices, information about how they found the site, and information about the ads displayed on the.

Professional or employment-related information: company, position, employer, officer, or                        shareholder status; trader ID, client ID, employer ID, or trading “short code”; identifiers granted by licensing or regulating bodies; professional affiliations; and professional history and education.

Legal and regulatory information: background screening, including anti-money laundering                    assessments, where authorized,concerning certain Nasdaq services, information relating to law enforcement actions, fraud, cybersecurity, and similar risks, and your ability to participate in the

US or other financial markets.

o  Audio or visual information: your picture and recorded voice (if requested before).


Information We Collect” section above, you and other third parties may provide us with certain types of CA Personal Information. We may obtain Personal Information about California residents from the following types of outside sources:

o Affiliates from other organizations

o Independent software (including blogs, chat rooms, or social networks);

o Web-based Public Service Announcement Systems;

o Market researchers, data aggregators, and government agencies play essential roles in the modern economy.


For the business and commercial goals outlined in “How We Use Your Information,” we collect Personal Information from California residents. Your CA Personal Information may be shared and disclosed in the ways mentioned below, in addition to the practices described above in “How We Share Your Information.”:

Sharing your CA Personal Information for business purposes: To further our business interests, we may disclose the following types of your CA Personal Information to service providers, third-party partners, clients, public or government authorities, and potential business partners: Identifiers; Data that is of a commercial or trading nature; Details on your use of the internet or other electronic networks; Details about your professional experience and job history; For legitimate business objectives, we may disclose the following types of your CA Personal Information to service  providers, third-party partners, customers, public or government authorities, and prospective business partners: Identifiers; Data that has a bearing on business or commerce; Activity data gathered via the internet or other electronic networks; Particulars about your profession and relevant work experience.

Sharing your CA Personal Information for other purposes: Under California law, we may “sell” or            otherwise transfer to a third party the following types of your CA Personal Information: Data that can be used to identify an individual uniquely; details about their use of the internet or other electronic networks; data connected to their work or professional interests. When you visit one of our ad-supported websites, we may share information about you to tailor the ads you see to your interests; we may also share information with our customers to sell them data products and services, and we may share information to carry out the terms of a contract.

California Consumer Rights. You have the right to access your CA Personal Information; (ii) have your CA Personal Information deleted; (iii) obtain information about the CA Personal Information about you that we have “sold” (as such term is defined under California law) to third parties within the past 12 months; and (iv) opt-out of the “sale” of your CA Personal Information, subject to certain exceptions.

Do Not Sell My Information. To prevent your California Personal Information from being “sold” in the ways mentioned above, please use the “Do Not Sell My Information” option at the bottom of this page.

Exercising other California consumer rights. We shall not treat you differently in terms of                          pricing,products offered, or the level or quality of products provided, based simply on your request to exercise your other rights as mentioned above concerning your CA Personal Information. If you have any questions or would like to exercise any of these rights, please refer to the “Contact Us”section below.

Contact us

Please use our online contact form; send us mail at the following address if you have any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the way we manage your personal information: